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Samsung Galaxy S4 Group Play

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Let me explain how this feature simply works and was updated: device group leader acts as a Wi-Fi access point that connects all the other devices. The most improvements made to the Galaxy S3 are the following: at previous version from Galaxy S Series all devices had to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. This improvement comes in the context in which for all big companies the main concern is to making the device more easy to use.

Friendly interface of the smartphones can be seen even in the way in which this group play is activated, with a single click on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Group Play
All connected devices will recognize this access point in a similar way as any other wireless network, starting the group play, this new amazing smartphone automatically scan all other smartphones that it can establish network connection with for inclusion in a group play.

After having been added in such a group play, you have at hand a list of diversified information about materials that you can share. Also, the group has options for sorting by categories such materials that are shared so easily through this feature, making it easier and more useful to use.

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