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HTC MTS Pulse smartphone from HTC

Thursday, August 15, 2013


HTC, MTS Pulse smartphone from HTC for Rs.1500/- per month | Mobile Phone | Reliance was the first company in India that has offered mobile handset at subsidized prices by offering its services with locking the mobile phone. Now after a long time MTS is offering Smartphone at subsidized price through its network.

MTS and HTC association for MTS Pulse Smartphone: MTS Pulse is HTC pulse from HTC mobiles. MTS Pulse is android Smartphone. This Smartphone is offered free and the customers have to pay Rs.1500/- per month and they are offered 1500 minutes of free talk time and 1500 free text SMS and 1500 MB data usage for internet per month. In this scheme users have should have one year contract. There is another option where in users have to pay Rs.6,000 up front and monthly Rs.1,000/- for six months. This monthly rental provides 1000 minutes free talk time, 1000 text SMS messages and 1000 MB data usage free per month. One can opt for one time payment of Rs.16,000/- for the Smartphone and choose any plans of their choice. - HTC, Mobile Phone -

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